Orbital Decay – Moody metal

The best 80’s metal band born this side of the millenium. Orbital Decay is all about speedy, metallic rythms, hard power chords, and grave moody intros. Our goal is to do metal/rock the way we want it, when we want it, and goddamnit in what color we want it (black).

The music

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The band

From left: Thomas Bjelkeman – Bass, Sina – guitar, Jörgen ”The Voice” Wimmersjö – Vocals, Jimmi Wimmersjö – guitar, Svante – drums (not on the picture).

Starting a few years ago, Jimmi and Jörgen set out to draw from their diverse backgrounds to create music influenced by both heavy metal and grovy rhythms. They found Thomas to add those bass lines and crazy shirts. Recent additions are Sina for the wild guitar solos and Svante for that rock steady and pumping pulse on the drums.

Live video

A live performance with a previous configuration of the band with Torbjörn Österlind on drums and Mikael Holmström on guitar.


Friday 15 december 2023 – Fredagsmangel, Jakobsberg. For details check out their Facebook or Instagram. Read about Fredagsmangel!

Previous gigs

Published by Metal Sweden Records.