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Afraid to die

As usual a lighthearted subject from Jörgen. We somewhat jokingly refers to it as doom-pop. Released November 2021.

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White Lies

Thomas was noodling about with scales and realised that he had the beginnings of a song. Jimmi created a groovy guitar stick to go with it and Jörgen stod up and sang something which just seemed perfect straight away. Released May 2021.

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Thousand Times

The core of this track came about in a jam session where Jimmi and Thomas was messing about for a few hours. Jimmi recorded the whole session and listened through it. He picked out half a minute of a nice baseline and guitar grove, that became this song after some extra work. Released March 2021. Lyrics and more info.

Madness & One God

This is the first single released by Orbital Decay. It has two songs Madness and One God. The music for One Good was created in one short practice session by Jimmi and Mikael. Released September 2020.
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Bound by Blood

This cover recording came about as the band wanted to do a cover, but from something different than your common covers. Bound by blood is part of an in-game performance by a virtual band, Metall Legion, in the game Guildwars 2. Released September 2020.
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